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Mining the Resources, Minding the Future

Our first issue was in November 2008 to encourage a disciplined debate on development. We all wish for it and we  all have our  different  ideas about how to hasten it. The MMJ wants to critically examine these ideas with the help of adequate and correct information.



The Mongolian Mining Journal

Founding upon the opinions and conclusions by readers, journalistic critics and sectoral professionals, the Mongolian Mining Journal is hereby awarded the title of the Best Journal of 2008, for its timely and insightful addressing of Mongolia’s inexorable goal to rapidly develop the mining sector of this country, who today accedes to the higher horizon of its development and prosperity, and for its editorial consistency and professionalism as a model modern trade journal in contemporary Mongolian journalism.

Federal Union of Mongolian Journalists
Ulaanbaatar, December 22, 2008

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