MMJ co-hosting forum on the mineral sector
The Mongolian Mining Journal is adding another feather to its cap as it prepares to organise a forum to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the modern Mongolian mineral sector. We shall be working in conjunction with the Office of the President and the forum will be held at the Government Palace in November 2013. Now in the 5th year of its productive and acclaimed publication, the journal, the first professional mining magazine in Mongolia, is justly proud of how well-known it has become among both domestic and foreign readers who follow developments in the mining sector. The forum is being planned to involve not only those active in the field but also decision-making government officials. The wide-ranging interaction between the two sides is certain to lead to a sober and non-partisan analysis of what has gone wrong, as well as of what has gone right. There are lessons to be learnt from both mistakes and successes and the most important thing now is to ensure that the government adopts the best policy and takes the right decisions. Even as we acknowledge that the Mongolian mineral sector has 90 years of rich history, the forum will focus on the last 20 years as that is the period in which the sector has been propelled to a new level of development. A review of the experience of these two decades, identifying both progress and setbacks, is vital to determine the best path of development for our basic economic sector. The exercise takes on added importance at a time when the government has presented the new mining sector policy document to the Great Hural and inputs from various sides are needed to give final shape to the new mineral law. Based on our previous experience of co-organising forums together with the Office of the President, we are confident that discussions in the present event will be free and fair, will be conducted honestly and professionally, and will contribute much of serious import for the consideration of those entrusted with taking decisions affecting the mining sector. We invite you to be an active participant in the forum, where deliberations will have the following special features: - They will go beyond the purely academic and deal realistically with practical issues. - Those with direct experience of the past 20 years will be heard with special attention. - All opinions will be expressed against the backdrop of the impending new mining law. The Appendix below names companies that have already pledged to participate and the topics they would bring up. Several events will be organised during the forum to keep delegates busy and occupied. The Office of the President has assured us that it is giving the forum its special attention and will present papers for open discussion in it.
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