• The Mining Journal Awards 2012 were presented on December 7 in the following categories: Responsible Mining, Technology Use, Green Mining, Exploration, and Supply.
  • The Mongolian Mining Journal will honour a Person of the Year at this year’s Awards ceremony. The choice will be from among those who have made valuable contributions to the mining sector’s development in any of several ways -- improvingits regulating laws,stabilizing the investment environment, contributing to theoretical research or field practices, installing better management practices, or ensuring responsible mining operations.  
  • The first Mining Journal Awards were presented on December 24, 2010 at Monet restaurant in Central Tower. It was a glittering social event but its main importance lay in the fact that it was the first time a non-official entity -- more specifically, a magazine -- was honoring the bests in the mining sector.
  • For the third year in a row, The Mongolian Mining Journal will be honouring the best performers in the mining sector with Mining Journal Awards in the beginning of December. 

    At a time when, as elsewhere in the world, the mining sector in Mongolia faces challenges and obstacles, the Mongolian Mining Journal finds it all the more important to encourage individuals and organisations that are sustaining the industry and to publicly recognise their achievement. Ever since the Mining Journal Awards were instituted, they have been seen as acknowledging the hard work, intelligence and management skills of those in the mining sector.
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