• “A financial crisis is just like a human illness.  When a person falls ill, his previous complaints show up again, if only as side effects. Similarly, the economic crisis is revealing the mistakes of our past policies. In this, it is like a test. Certain sectors are failing the test.”
    S. Bayartsogt, Finance Minister.

  • “I am not feeling sad at leaving office, but I do regret that I haven’t achieved all that I hoped. I feel guilty that my health should force me to quit before I finished my course and that I did not take enough care of myself but who can escape illness? The decision to resign was not easy but was right. Whatever one does should be done properly, and there can be no compromise when the job is that of the Prime Minister. I have made way for someone else as soon as I realized I could no longer give of my best.”
    S.Bayar, in his last speech to Parliament as Prime Minister.

  • “It is true Parliament will not sign the document of agreement but it retains the right to make sure the Government does not act wrongly. This is an inherent right of Parliament… It is also wrong to hint that we have acted under Chinese or Russian pressure, or that even a single MP pushed the button for his own material benefit.”D.Demberel, Speaker of Parliament.

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