General provisions

    Article 1. Purpose of the Law
    1.1. The purpose of this law shall be to regulate relations connected to exploitation of radioactive minerals and nuclear energy on the territory of Mongolia for peaceful purposes, ensuring nuclear and radioactivity safety, protecting population, society and environment from negative impacts of ionized radioactivity.
  • With the minerals sector set to be the driver of Mongolia’s economic growth in the coming years, if not decades, it is essential for the country to have a  minerals law that is stable, and equitable to all players in the sector. Given the importance of the law and the sensitivity of several issues it will cover, it is no surprise that opinion is sharply divided on what the law should contain. The President’s Office, Parliament and the Government have all established working teams to prepare a draft law and all of them are busy collecting the views of individuals, business entities and professional associations before presenting their recommendations that will then be evaluated on the way to a consensus. There is not much time left as, apart from everything else, the ban on issue of fresh exploration licenses will be lifted only when a new minerals law is passed.  G.Iderkhangai asked several people connected with the mining industry in various ways what they feel of the proposed amendments.
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