• We are currently in an era of extreme volatility in terms of commodities, where we can experience the swiftest growth in value, and one of the sharp drops, all within a few weeks of one another (Australian Mining August 2016).
  • We give below the text of the draft amendments to the Minerals Law. Only the Articles, Clauses and Sub-clauses sought to be amended are given. The translation from the Mongolian is neither official nor authorised nor literal, but it is accurate in giving the true sense of the proposed amendments.
  • This is a translation of the just released draft regulations governing investment agreements under the new Investment Law. We have tried to keep the translation accurate but it is neither literal nor authorised.
  • 1.1. “State Minerals Policy” focuses on providing national primary interests by developing conspicuous and responsible mining relied upon private sector, in addition it will aim to develop multisectored and balanced economic structure in the short and mid-term.
  • Following the recent adoption by Parliament of the State Policy on the Minerals Sector, the current Minerals Law will have to be amended, to incorporate features of the new policy, but analysts expect the changes will not be many and will also be minor in nature. A working group has been established at the Ministry of Mining to recommend likely amendments and it is now making its own study, as well as asking professional organisations and experts for suggestions.
  • During his visit to China last month, Prime Minister N. Altankhuyag signed with his counterpart Li Keqiang a document that outlines key areas of cooperation for the development of the two countries’ strategic partnership in the medium and long term. The following is the text of parts of the agreement, selected on the basis of their relevance to the interests of our readers. The translation is neither official nor authorised.
  • ll speculation on what the new Law on Minerals would contain is finally over with the draft – in both Mongolian and English – now posted on a website. It has 15 chapters and many new concepts. It also does not appear that much from last spring’s two discussions on it has been incorporated in the draft.
  • Article 1.Purpose of the law

    The purpose of this Law is to promote economically viable mining and extractive industries which carry out prospecting, exploration, mining and processing mineral resources in compatibility with the economic, social and environmental policies of the State.
  • Article 1. Purpose of the law

    1.1. The purpose of this Law is to regulate investment by foreign investors, the persons and the third parties with common interest with these investors in entities operating in the strategic sectors and the relations pertaining to the permission with a view to ensuring the national security.
  • 1.1. The purpose of this law is to regulate relations with respect to the establishment, registration and reorganization of a company, its management and organizational structure, supervisory structure, the rights and obligations of its shareholders, and its liquidation.
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