• The increasing number of conferences and forums in Mongolia and overseas to discuss the country’s mining industry indicates how Mongolian mineral resources are attracting more and more international attention. The focus in many of these events is on how to move these minerals from landlocked Mongolia to international destinations. Coal has become the country’s most dominant export item and thus plays an important role in its economic growth, but it fails to fetch the right price as there is no infrastructure to send it to international markets.     

    Coal giants gathered in Ulaanbaatar on April 7-8 for the inaugural McCloskey Mongolian Coal Conference. Over 170 representatives from overseas seeking to invest in Mongolian coal were among the participants, who also included foreign ambassadors. The experience of other countries in resolving their infrastructure problems was a recurrent theme. We give below brief summaries of what some participants said at the meeting.
  • Mongolia is a recent entrant in the world energy sector and the recent Coal Mongolia-2011 conference was the first ever international forum in Ulaanbaatar focused exclusively on one mineral. It saw policy makers, coal companies and professionals explain and elucidate current trends to international investors. The success of the forum has raised interest about the planned subsequent meetings on copper, iron ore and rare earth metals. MMJ talked to some of those who spoke or gave presentations at Coal Mongolia-2011, or participated in the exhibition or just attended the meeting.

    D.Zorigt, Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy:

    Mongolia has proven coal reserves of  24 billion tons and we can claim an important place on the international stage. It is not that we are going to sell something that others don’t have, so we can succeed only if we are competitive and competent. One priority is to make the legal environment of the coal sector sustainable, clear and effective for a long term. It is necessary to have laws that do not change frequently.
  • By Khaliun

    The annual two-day meeting of Mongolian geologists was held on March 24 and 25, under the appropriate name Mineral Exploration Round Up. This is because reports were submitted on all geological, geophysical, and geochemical projects undertaken in Mongolian territory in 2010. The participants included geologists who work for both the government and the private sector, and students. 
  • I have been talking to participants at Discover Mongolia sessions since 2005 and have been struck by how their mood and attitude change from year to year. We must remember that these are people who have always passionately believed that Mongolia’s future depends on mining. Indeed it was the conviction and foresight of some NGOs and private enterprises such as the Mongolian National Mining Association, the Association of Geologists, Mine Info and Monrud LLC that resulted in the first Discover Mongolia in the autumn of 2003.

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