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  • The law prohibiting exploration and extraction in certain water and forest areas, commonly known as the“long-titled” law, continues to be in limbo. Belying expectations, the special session of the State Great Khural did not discuss the draft regulatory law to amend several of its disputed provisions. Some reconciliation of opposing positions is now likely before the Fall session. N.Aruintuya explores how the proposed amendments will alter the law.
  • The new law on foreign investment, passed by Parliament at its special session, becomes effective on November 1.
  • G. Iderkhangai studies the draft mineral policy for 2013-2024 and finds it short on specifics. Parliament would do well to insist on several clarifications before approving such an important document.
  • Known for his incisive analysis and independent views as well as for the no-nonsense way in which he expresses them, Byambasuren Dash, the 17th Prime Minister of Mongolia, tells N.Ariuntuya what he thinks of what is presently happening in the mining sector.
  • We give below a summary of President Ts.Elbegdorj’s opening address at the public discussion of the draft Minerals Law in the Citizens’ Chamber.  
  • Dr. G.Tsogt, Vice President of Industry and Project Implementation at Mongolyn Alt, answers questions by N.Ariuntuya on the draft mining law.
  • Ts.Davaatseren, Honoured Industrial Worker and Head of the Mining Department at the Minerals Authority, was advisor to the working group that prepared the draft mining law. He answers N.Ariuntuya’s questions on the draft and explains the thoughts behind several controversial provisions in it.
  • The importance attached to the discussion of the Draft Mineral Law on January 18 was obvious from the fact that the venue, a meeting room on the 3rd floor of Blue Sky Tower, was full half an hour before its scheduled start at 9.30 am.
  • Following the recent public availability of the revised draft of the Minerals Law, the air is thick with opinions and comments. Not all of these are well-informed or based on a correct perception, however.
  • The long-term Investment Agreement signed between Ivanhoe Mines and the Government of Mongolia at a state ceremony in Ulaanbaatar on October 6 establishes a comprehensive framework for the construction and operation of the Oyu Tolgoi copper-gold mining complex in Mongolia"s South Gobi Region.
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