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  • J.Lkhamsuren, Ph.D., Professor at the Mongolian University of Science and Technology and Director of the Geology and Mineral Museum, answers some questions.

    The Mongolian Mining Journal has instituted annual awards for the best mining companies. How does this benefit the mining sector?

    The event gains in importance as the number of local and foreign companies in the mineral sector increases. Its main benefit is that it gives the companies a platform to present to the public their objectives, operational methods and achievements. We have many arts and cultural awards and credit goes to the MMJ for raising awareness among the public on how the mining industry beneficially affects society.
  • L.Naranbaatar, General Director, Glogex LLC: Our company participated in last year’s event also and I see that the scope has expanded considerably. The presence of state policy makers, noted economists, Ambassadors, representatives of international organisations, executives of major companies and investment corporations shows how much prestige the awards has come to command.

    The mineral sector is the mainstay of the Mongolian economy and it has been growing steadily for the last few years. Once OT, TT and other major projects start operations, the  economy will take a big leap forward. The Prime Minister has said the economy is expected to grow by 24% this year and at the same rate next year. This growth is mainly contributed by the mineral sector, which creates jobs directly and, by making substantial investments, indirectly offers economic opportunities to many more.
  • If there were any doubts after last year’s inaugural Mongolian Mining Journal Awards ceremony, the glittering evening of November 25, 2011 set them at rest. This is an annual event that has come to stay as a fixture in Ulaanbaatar’s social calendar, offering the public awareness of developments in the mineral sector, as also honouring the best and the brightest in the sector that will be the driver of the country’s economic growth for years to come.
  • One reason mining conferences and forums are proliferating is that more and more professional event organisers are getting into the act to make money. This is what N.Algaa, Executive Director of the Mongolian National Mining Association, told MMJ, as he recalled that in June alone, there were three coal conferences in Ulaanbaatar. This is just another example of how the expansion of mining in Mongolia gives to many an opportunity to make money. It is a pity that the  widespread popular perception in the country also is that mining is only about and all about making money.

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