• GALSANGIIN BATSUKH has been Ambassador of Mongolia to China for the last four years, adroitly developing bilateral trade and economic relations. He is a consummate diplomat, as was shown during the years when he represented Mongolia in Canada and was instrumental in charting areas of successful cooperation between the two countries, particularly in mining. Here he tells L. BOLORMAA what the growing economic strength of China means for Mongolia.

  • During his first visit to Mongolia the Russian President Vladimir Putin was giving a humble “order“ at the luncheon. Putin’s first visit to Mongolia aimed to open the way to start political discussions between the two countries and also to determine new principles for an equal partnership. It has been almost nine years since Ulaanbaatar Declaration was issued for the Mongolian and Russian people. It had idealistic content about transformation from the old-time brotherhood into a modern equal rights partnership.  At the time of his first visit, Chechen war issues, bad behavior by the mayors of the Federation Council, over-confidence and pressure coming from the oligarchy that swallowed Russian televisions, etc. were continuously on Putin’s mind and those were his biggest concerns. Tomorrow he is visiting Mongolia, so he walks today so confidently. The people of Mongolia share expectations about Putin, the Head of the Russian Government - his choice can be unusual for the lunch.  They sense the pace of this strong leader who re-arranged the vast country of Russia into good order both politically and economically solely in the last eight years.  

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