• John Oberg, CEO, Sandvik Mongolia, answers questions from MMJ on his company’s work in the geological and mining sectors. 
  • The Wagner Asia Equipment LLC, top position in Mongolian mining and infrastructure sector, has new goals and plans for the upcoming year. The company has drafted a strategic plan until 2025, and the implementation activities have already begun. With regard to this, we have interviewed Kelvin Kaukinen, the Managing Director of “Wagner Asia Equipment”, Executive Director of the “Wagner Asia Group” and Mr.Enkhdelger, Director of RUN division.
  • All geological reports and data of Mongolia can now be accessed by anyone anywhere with an Internet connection. All one has to do is enter https://mrpam.gov.mn, the website of the Mineral Resources and Petroleum Authority of Mongolia (MRPAM), and select WEBGiS - Geographical Information Database, to reach MonGeoCat, or Mongolian geological information catalogue, in both English and Mongolian.
  • In the 20 years since my father and I visited Mongolia and decided to establish the Caterpillar Inc. Dealership for the country much has changed, but interestingly much has stayed the same. On June 30th 1996, there were parliamentary elections and the Democratic Union Coalition won a major victory, winning 50 of the 76 seats in the State Great Khural.
  • E.Odjargal asks the Ambassador of Japan to Mongolia, Takenori Shimizu, about how bilateral ties are getting stronger and much else besides.
  • NTR Metals, the US based company for trade and processing of the precious metals, is implementing its successful operation globally. The company has decided to enter the Mongolian gold industry. Kenneth W. Beilstein  explains about what services does the new branch of NTR Metals in Mongolia bring here and the opportunities for the Mongolian gold industry’s development.
  • Recent years have seen the Dutch company Magna Tyres expanding heavily in the tyre industry. It is represented in more than 80 countries around the world. Its mobile exhibition boot hat Mining Mongolia 2013 drew large and appreciative crowds, and now its Sales Manager, Peter Schreudering, answers questions on the special features of the technology behind the products being offered on the Mongolian market. 
  • Bureau Veritas, a global leader in Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC), has opened a state-of-the-art coal testing facility in Ulaanbaatar. It will service the technical needs of the coal industry by providing analytical facilities, technical support and consulting services.
  • "Future Mongolia", taking place once again over a period of four days (19th – 22nd June) in the Buyant Ukhaa sports complex, marks the second time that a capital goods trade fair has been organised to European standards in Mongolia.
  • The machinery upgrading programme at the Baganuur deposit was officially inaugurated at a ceremony on December 12 morning at the mine headquarter with Wagner Asia Equipment LLC formally handing over four CAT777D heavy-load dump trucks and one D10T bulldozer to the mining company.
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