• S.Bold-Erdene talks to Ch.Chuluunbat, Head of the Fuel Policy Department in the Mining and Heavy Industry Ministry, about amendments to the product sharing agreement, extraction of crude oil, consumption and investments.
  • The need to improve the quality of mining governance, in both private and State-owned companies, is now a priority in countries seeking to make optimal use of their natural resources.  MMJ talks to Bryan Land, Lead Extractives Specialist at the World Bank and Team Leader of its  Improved Governance of Extractives Project in Mongolia, about this and related issues.
  • Anun has already made its mark in the Mongolian furniture industry as a modern high quality office furniture manufacturer and supplier. In recent years organizations of all industries such as banks, financial institutes, educational and cultural organizations and mining companies are keen on buying furniture from “Anun”. We sat down with its Chief Executive Officer Mr. S.Sainkhuu to discuss about current trends and projects they have been working on.
  • Earlier this month, Jean Sebastien Jacques, who took over as CEO of Rio Tinto not so long ago brought the entire board of the mining giant to Mongolia for a trip to the Oyu Tolgoi site. He and the Rio Chairman also met with the Prime Minister to discuss various issues related to the OT project. S.Bold-Erdene of the MMJ was among the Mongolian journalists who spoke to him. This is a fair but not literal transcript of the conversation.
  • Joining CRIRSCO (Committee for Mineral Reserves International Reporting Standards) in October 2014 as its 8th member meant Mongolia could use the internationally recognized MRC Code. The NGO, Mongolian Professional Institute of Geosciences and Mining, represents Mongolia at CRIRSCO, and in this interview with MMJ, Oyungerel B., Executive Director of MPIGM, talks about the code and about how much has been accomplished and what lies ahead.
  • My name is Battuya Jalbasuren. I am a Managing Partner of Chinggis Law LLP. We’re lawyers and attorneys who provide legal consulting services and advocacies specializing in mining, commercial and corporate areas of law. My partner Batbayar Enkhee is an attorney with extensive experience in administrative and criminal law practices
  • S.Bold-Erdene asks T.Bilgee, Executive Director of Erdenes Tavan Tolgoi JSC, for updated information on the company and also to get his views on current issues.
  • Mongolian mining sector, there are several issues to be paid attention such as creation of new legal environment, improvement to the existing methodologies of mineral deposit valuation, training of professional valuers. Regarding these issues, we have talked with mineral economist, doctor and professor D.Galsandorj.
  • E.Odjargal finds out from E.Galbadral, Executive Director of Mon-Atom LLC, the current state of Mongolia’s uranium deposits, and what the future holds.
  • Ian McNeil, Chief Operating Officer at Khishig Arvin Industrial LLC, has been in Mongolia since 2006 and tells MMJ he remains an optimist.
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