• N.Enkhbayar, Economic Advisor to the Prime Minister, takes a wide-angle view of issues relating to the Tavan Tolgoi coal deposit and of the minerals sector vis-à-vis sustainable economic growth, as he answers questions from MMJ.

  • B.Enebish, Executive Director of Erdenes MGL, which will be representing the Government at all talks on the Tavan Tolgoi deposit, talks to MMJ on the issues involved and where they are now.

  • D.Achit-Erdene, President of the Mongolian International Capital Corporation and a pioneer in investment banking in the country, tells N.ARIUNTUYA that the capital market will not develop without improving the accounting system and corporate governance in domestic companies

  • Ch.Otgochuluu, advisor to the President, shares with S.Bold-Erdene his impressions of a recent visit to Germany to study the operation of stock exchanges and of the legal environment regulating the capital market. He also details the steps Mongolia must take to become a major financial center in the region.

  • B.Batkhuu, Head of the Mining and Heavy Industry Department at the Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy, tells G.Iderkhangai what a new mining law can do for the sector.

  • As most people, who are even remotely connected to Mongolia know, the much publicised (and long overdue) Mongolian economic boom is set to start in earnest. World analysts have now jumped in and tried to predict the shape of things to come.

  • S.Altankhuyag, chief of the coal research department at the Mineral Resource Authority of Mongolia, says prices have to be decontrolled if the mines are to survive and if supply to power plants are not to be interrupted.

  • M.Ariunbayar, chairman of the geology and mining department of the Mineral Resources Authority, explains why the Mineral Professional Council returned the feasibility study on the Oyu Tolgoi project to the investors and also why the expected Supreme Court interpretation of certain provisions of the Minerals Law is important.

  • B.Altsukh, senior specialist at the Fuel Policy Department in the Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy, answers questions from E. Bolorkhaji.

  • Readers may have noticed that Parliament has been setting up a number of working groups, to study and review a number of draft laws to be discussed in its spring and autumn sessions. These laws are meant to bring in major changes in our country. This is an appropriate time to usher in such radical reforms as the nation celebrates the 20th anniversary of the democratic revolution. It will be a busy year for MPs as they grapple with amending the Constitution, the Law on Election and other laws regulating economic matters and with passing new laws as well. It is good that 2010 is not an election year as MPs can approach their task without succumbing to any political compulsion.

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