• The third stage of negotiations between the working group established by the Government and the consortium selected as the strategic investor in the Tavan Tolgoi deposit has been postponed temporarily to allow the latter to study in detail the implications of the agreement made between Erdenes Tavan Tolgoi and China’s Chalco. The working group Secretary, S.Javkhlanbaatar, who is also head of the Investment Authority, recently briefed media on the negotiations so far. A summary of his account is given below.
  • The past few years have convinced Mongolians that industrialisation does not come from populist announcements or grandiose project proposals on paper. They look around and find that whatever little has come up has been in the private sector. All the things the Government promised to build -- the petroleum refinery, the Sainshand Industrial Complex, the metallurgy plant -- remain promises, and nothing more.
  • G.Iderkhangai finds out from P.Tovuudorj, head of Strategic Policy and Planning Department at the Ministry of Energy, about major projects and reform in the legal environment of the sector.
  • Following Parliament’s adoption of the Revised Law on Petroleum in July, a working group was set up at the Ministry of Mining and Energy to develop the procedures and regulations to help implement the new law. G.Iderkhangai talks to a Senior Specialist in the Fuel Policy Department, A.Purev, to find out more.
  • The bride has grown old since her beauty drew a bunch of the most eligible suitors in the autumn of 2008. The dowry for the world’s second biggest coking coal deposit has been increasing since then. We talk of Tavan Tolgoi.
  • The “Egiin Goliin Hydro Power Plant” (EGHPP) project has been on the papers for many years and hasn’t become reality until today. The New Government for Changes funded the project initiation phase from the Chinggis bond, taken measures to move the project from halt state to implementation stage.
  • Representatives of diversified miner Anglo American PLC were in Mongolia recently to explore the possibilities of investing in coal and copper assets in the country.
  • Uncertainty surrounds the development of the Tsagaansuvarga copper project, halted by its owners Mongolyn Alt (MAK) for lack of funds after completing 45% of the construction schedule.
  • B.Baatartsogt, head of the geological policy department of the strategic policy and planning authority at the Ministry of Mining, was part of the working group on amendments to the Minerals Law, to bring it in sync with the recently adopted State Policy in the Minerals Sector. N.Ariuntuya talks to him on the amendments, now awaiting discussion in Parliament.
  • A draft petroleum law was submitted to Parliament almost a year ago, and it is surprising that our lawmakers have not yet had the time to discuss it.  It was sent to the standing committee on the economy to make it ready for discussion in the Autumn session, but nothing moved and it is unlikely that even the Spring session will see it debated. Itis not just that the excitement over the“Double Deel” law pushed it to the back burner. Our members of Parliamentalsoappear to need more time to make up their mind on issues covered in the petroleum law and to resolve divisions in their ranks.
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