• The National Development and Reform Committee was set up in March to recommend guidelines for long-term economic policies. Its Chairman, CH. HASHCHULUUN, talks to B. UNDRAL about its work and the future course of the Mongolian economy.

  • The following is the full text of a speech by Tsakhia Elbegdorj setting out his vision for Mongolia. It was broadcast over Radio Free Asia on the morning of June 18. He was sworn in as President of Mongolia later that day.TODAY, with great honor, I will place my right hand on our constitution, stand before the Mongolian Parliament, and take the presidential oath of office. This ceremony, though short, is heavy with symbolism and is a demonstrable measure of our country’s success in linking democratic reforms to free market economics.

  • The following is an interview with international economist D.Davaasambuu on the global mining industry trend and its impact on Mongolia. Rio Tinto’s financial position deteriorated considerably from last year and it is considering selling some shares to a Chinese state owned company. How it will affect Oyu Tolgoi agreement? At the outset, let me emphasize one point. The fact that Rio Tinto is interested in Mongolia has an enormous impact on boosting confidence not only of Mongols and as well as world community in Mongolia. Rio Tinto ranks the third among the top companies in the world. It is a respectable company with high credibility. It has many thousands of shareholders. One of the shareholders is Chinalco, which has acquired a stake of Rio Tinto. Indeed, Rio Tinto’s financial standing is not in a good shape. It acquired Canadian aluminum giant Alcoa for USD40 billion in 2007. A year later after the deal was made the global mining sector has been severely hit to downturn. It happens that fluctuations of commodity prices are very dramatic in the economic development cycle.

  • Russian Premier has paid an official visit to Mongolia recently. There is still much interest on the agenda of his visit. The following is an interview made with Ts.Sukhbaatar, a foreign relations secretary of the Democratic Party. He is a diplomat, worked in the foreign relations sector and served as the Ambassador of Mongolia to the Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

  • The above mentioned three names are the major projects planned by Russian Premier V.Putin during the coming 8-12 years. These are the strategic steps being started well in advance from a very long distance by sensing that the world economic foal point is shifting towards Asia Pacific region. In the first half of May this year, the political part “preparation completed” for the above projects. During Putin’s visit to Japan, the public shouted in a demonstration demanding to “return the Kuril island.” Although the visit was packed with a very busy schedule with the Japanese officials to sign on 10 documents by S.Kiryenko on uranium cooperation, the main agreement was indeed around the Kruil island.  

  • MMJ reporter met with Mr. R. Badamdamdin, the newly-appointed director of the company MonAtom LLC.What are the main objectives and directions of your company?Mongolia has a certain amount of uranium reserves. The world large uranium companies have been exploring in our country. This company was set up with the main aim of representing the state equity in the uranium exploration and mining. The future aim is work in the field of uranium processing, development of nuclear technology and development of non-traditional sources of energy.

  • Below is an interview made with Prof.S.Ekhbat, Chairman of Nuclear Energy Department of Mongolia.  What is the organizational structures of Nuclear Energy Department, MonAtom company and Radiation Censoring department? Who is responsible in what areas? The main concept of establishing this department is to consolidate all uranium issues in the state policy. Previously, there was nuclear energy commission. Although it was supervising all concerning issues members were department and unit heads of various ministries. Therefore, they have been lacking in a comprehensive communication and coordination. Now, the chairman of nuclear energy commission of Mongolia is Prime Minister. The members of the department are ministers, vice ministers and state secretaries. 

  • MMJ reporter met with L.Zorig, Vice Chairman of the National Development and Innovation CommitteeWhat is important about economy diversity in your opinion? What are weak points about economy that is solely dependent on products from mining industry?Diversity in economy is important and is related to the economic safety of the country. Presently, developing countries no longer depend on one industry, and rather transit to a system of multi-industry economy. Diversity has been started from complete processing to make agricultural and mining end-products of few varieties are used to be exported. 

  • The draft investment agreement for the Oyu Tolgoi copper-gold deposit have been discussed at the Standing Committees and the party caucuses and sent back to the working group in the Parliament for further deliberations. The Government working group headed by Minister D.Zorigt are working together with the Parliamentary working group on the issue. The further verifications of the draft investment agreement, consolidation of ideas on the Mongolian side as well as re-negotiations with the investors have been taking place in the second half of March. 

  • The 8th meeting of Mongolia-Germany Forum was held in Berlin on 26 March, 2009. An interesting speech was delivered by P.Ochirbat, Chairman of the Forum and the first President of Mongolia. MMJ shares the speech with its readers. Your Excellency Mr.Fogel, Your Excellency Prime Minister of Mongolia,  I would like to express my gratitude as the Chairman of the Forum to all people present here at the 8th meeting of Mongolia-Germany Forum. Also I would like to thank the management of Konrad Adenauer Foundation for its ongoing support of Mongolia-Germany Forum and jointly organized this session.

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