Drill & Blast Masterclass 2014

11th of 8, 2014
Latest technologies in explosives, drilling and blasting to ensure a safety
plus cost effective mine site


Drilling and blasting is a critical component in all major extractive industries throughout the world. As a constantly revolving niche market in the extractive industry, this training will ensure the participants are kept abreast of the latest in drill and blast theories and practical applications.

The 2 day workshop will deliver vital practical information on drilling, rock breaking and blasting as well as the latest in initiating systems and accessories including electronic detonators which are currently emerging in the market.

Organised by: Eventus International Ltd. (www.eventus-international.com)

Supported by: Mongolian Drilling Association

Media Partner: Mongolian Mining Journal


18 & 19 Sept 2014
Best Western Premier Tuushin
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia


Michael Smith,
Managing Director/Principal Consultant
Mining Engineer

Blastmaster ® International
MJS Mining Services Pty Ltd. (Aus)

Michael is a qualified mining engineer with over 32 years of experience in the mining, construction and extractive industries throughout Australia and internationally.

From airleg miner to drill and blast engineer for the worlds largest explosive supplier to blasting consulting roles on major projects such as BHP Billiton’s RGP5, Inner Harbour and Olympic Dam expansion projects, FMG’s T155 project, Woodside’s Pluto LNG project to the onsite specialist support role for the Beaconsfield mine rescue, Michael has been involved in over 250 surface and underground operations/ projects worldwide with hands on experience in over 2500 blasts.

This has led to extensive hands on practical experience with all commercial initiation systems (safety fuse, electric, detonating cord, non electric and electronic detonators) and explosives (nitroglycerine based explosives, emulsions, watergels, Anfo based products, shaped charges, boosters, detonating cords, permitted products and deflagrating products such as PCF, Boulder Buster and the like).

  •  Drill & Blast Engineer/Manager/Supervisor/Foreman
  • General Manager Operations
  • Technical Manager/Superintendent
  • Mining Production Manager/Superintendent
  • Mining Project Manager
  • Mine Manager/Operations
  • Blasting Crew
  • Shot firers
  • Driller
  • Legislators and regulators
  • Explosives suppliers
Main ideas to be covered during the workshop:
  • Interpreting and utilising the industry best practice rules on drilling and blasting
  • Exploring the latest electronic detonator technologies to optimise productivity
  • Handling drill and blast data
  • Optimising initiation design
  • Understanding the mechanics of rock breaking and rock blasting
  • Complying to guidelines for achieving consistent pre splitting and highwall controls
  • Applying stem charge and air deck blasting theories
  • Increasing fragmentation and castingMinimising ore dilution
  • Outlining and handling single hole signature analysis for vibration predictions
  • Minimising downstream mining system costs through optimising blast designs
Benefits include:
  • An in-depth tailored programme to address market concerns
  • Diverse, real-life studies
  • The highest standard of dynamic trainers with cross-industry experience
  • Comprehensive and detailed course documentation
  • Interactive discussions and practical exercises
  • Certificate of attendance will be issued upon course completion

For more information, please go to the link and contact: +852 5511 8385, enquiries@eventus-international.com
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