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27th of 1, 2014

Ochirbat P., the First President of Mongolia:

This year is MMJ’s 5th anniversary. This coincides with a period of intensive development in the Mongolian mining sector. This magazine focuses on both the present and future development of the Mongolian mining industry, especially providing the Mongolian public and foreigners information on foreign investment, technologies, and management in the mother country and comprehensive analysis on the mining industry, which is becoming a major industry to develop the whole economy.
Not only does the magazine cover foreign investment and technology, it also covers other issues related to the development of the mining industry. The magazine finds the industry’s complicated issues and turns them into discussions, including public and professional experts’ opinions. Therefore, the magazine is very interesting and beneficial to read. In other words, its content is beyond advertisement and news coverage, it reaches a high level of research information. Even we professionals obtain up-to-date information from MMJ. Therefore, as a reader, I value MMJ as one of the best magazines covering technology, law, the economy, and environmental topics.

In addition, this is a unique magazine which publishes balanced information about the mining, mineral, metallurgy, and geological industries’ important issues. The Mongolian mineral industry has many participants from domestic and foreign countries. This magazine can cover what is important to all participants. Therefore, if this magazine will expand, becoming more available to the public, it would play a very important role in providing useful information to the public. I find the magazine already has a prominent place among world mining communication in terms of providing a quick source of information to foreigners.

The magazine has introduced new traditions. For example, it organizes the mining awards which recognizes and rewards the best companies in the industry based on nominations and a set of criteria.  A professional committee participates in the selection process. The magazine publishes in detail information about the experience and unique qualities of the winning companies. The event allows companies the benefit of learning from one another and to use those lessons to improve their operations.  It reveals the essence of companies’ competitiveness and allows companies to share their achievements even when it seems like such information from the miners would be a secret.  I value the magazine for showcasing successes and providing good examples to one another. Therefore, I express gratitude to the modest team that is preparing such an important magazine. I wish you to be successful in providing information to the people in the mining industry.

“I have no doubt that it will become a magazine that is highly regarded worldwide.”
N. Dorjdari, Manager for Open Society Forum

MMJ contains very detailed information within its pages.  In other words, the staff is able to gather the information in a very professional manner, develop it, and then make it accessible to the public.  Their way of balancing and presenting varying views and positions regarding pressing issues is especially unique.  I see it as a journal that has been able to maintain its independent status.  
The mining policy has seen many changes over the past few years.  During these times, MMJ has always provided its readers with the facts pertaining to these changes realistically, truthfully, and expeditiously.

Moreover, I am especially grateful that they organized effective talks in a timely manner regarding the mineral laws proposal.  
Policy makers can glean ideas from this magazine and implement them in their work.

Speed and quality of information are of utmost importance when respectfully reporting on the mining sector.  As an observer of this news from the sidelines, I regularly read interviews with policy makers and the positions of those in the sector. 

It seems Mongolian mining is opening its doors; its level of development is reaching a world-class level.  Therefore, I have no doubt that MMJ will become a world-class magazine. I wish the men and women of the magazine all the best.

“I sit comfortably and read the magazine.”
 Publisher, Lawyer, Hubert Kischel, Germany

MMJ is unique and vastly different from all the other magazines being printed.  When looking at most magazines, they are inundated with a dizzying array of pictures, data, and information.  However, MMJ welcomes you to sit and relax and take it all in.  
It has good information.  Therefore, I read it meticulously.  I can read comprehensive information regarding the important ongoing events taking place in the mining sector.  

There is such a thing as magazine culture.  As a foreign reader, I want to say that MMJ contains the properties of this culture.  Also, as a reader, at a time when MMJ will celebrate its 5 year anniversary, I would like to congratulate all the men and women at the magazine and wish them all the best.

“They have successfully filled the void.”
Ch. Otgonchuluu, Director General at the Departmentof Strategic Policyand Planning at Mongolia’s Ministryof Mining.

I read the Mongolian Mining Journal regularly.  I also actively participate in the events they organize.  I see it as having strongly made its way onto the Mongolian magazine scene.

Our mining sector is becoming a hot spot, not only for Mongolian investment, but for worldwide investment.  Mining is so much more than prospecting, mining, and other engineering and technical issues.  The Government’s foreign policies, the economy, foreign investment policies and such also fall under its jurisdiction.

There was a time when it was unclear how mining related information would be provided on a professional level and whether some parties would be ignored.  But MMJ has successfully filled this void.  We can say that the basis for successful development of the mining sector lies in the correct policies and mutual understandings between the Mongolian Government, the Mongolian people, and the mining companies.The Mongolian Mining Journal cultivates and encourages this work and I believe that it will continue to improve in quality and become a good channel, playing a big part in development.  Coaches help athletes develop their abilities.  In other words, they get to know the athlete’s strong points and shortcomings, their body makeup, and their abilities, and they teach the athlete how to work according to these things.  I believe that the Mongolian Mining Journal has done the same for the mining industry and done it very well.

I work in policy-making for the Ministry and, therefore, I have a wealth of information related to the industry available to me.  But when I read the Mongolian Mining Journal, I can understand what those working in the mining sector think and the points of view that they hold.  Moreover, I get information from the magazine about how financial proposals correlate with the financial policies in the mining sector. 

To the Mongolian Mining Journal, as you celebrate your 5th anniversary, I wish you success and hope you continue for many more years to be the most valuable leader in the mining industry.  

“The staff of the Mongolian Mining Journal are developing responsible journalism for development based on knowledge.”
Chairman of the Board of Directors for MCS Group, J. Odjargal

The Mongolian Mining Journal is a magazine covering the development of the Mongolian mining industry at a world standard.  Today, the Journal is celebrating its 5th anniversary.
Over the past year, this magazine has tactfully brought out the issues faced in the mining sector, and by actively involving professional representation, studiously considers all sides of the issues, finding appropriate solutions and repeatedly offering suggestions to the government.All the articles written in the last years have drawn the attention of many businessmen, particularly those focusing on the risks involved in investments in the mining sector, the need for promoting a stable legal atmosphere, government partnerships with the private sector, private companies’ impact on the economy and community of Mongolia, and the under-developed infrastructure, as well as articles that describe the sensitivity of the environment. On the one hand, the magazine has become the united voice of the mining, mineral, and geological sectors.  On the other hand, it managed to get the public, people from the mining sector, and authorities to provide readers with very interesting information that is well-researched and provides the audience with very precise analysis.

Those at the Mongolian Mining Journal have a deep understanding that not only the national investors, but the foreign investors as well have an urgent need for timely and reliable information.  They have positively influenced Mongolian mining related news by printing the main content in both Mongolian and English and putting it in the hands of readers, both domestic and foreign.  Besides that, they started the TV production studio “Hugjil” which produces TV programs that are broadcasted through TV stations. They are also providing information through their website. These show that this small staff is growing to be a flexible, skillful, and highly educated work force in the journalism sector. It is very useful to bring information about the mining industry to the public through various channels.

The magazine staff didn’t limit their jobs to only responsibly providing the public with good information, they also highlighted the top businesses of the year with independent and fair critiquing.

I wish a happy 5th anniversary and success to the staff of the Mongolian Mining Journal and the director L. Bolormaa who is gaining the trust of readers by honorably serving as a leader in responsible journalism.  

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