There needs to be a comprehensive vision that includes both the coal-chemistry and energy sectors

23th of 1, 2014
Some very big projects and industrial enterprises are soon to be commencing in Mongolia.  Nonetheless, without the necessary supply of fuel and energy, it is impossible to even imagine these large-scale endeavors.  Furthermore, fuel and energy supply is a major issue of national security. Although Mongolia does contain a certain amount of petroleum, we have no refining factories and, therefore, have to rely completely on the import of fuel from other countries.  Although the possibility of freeing ourselves from this situation has been discussed and studied at length for years, we have not been able to find any clear or substantial solutions.  Despite the fact that Mongolia is touted as one of the coal capitals of the world, we still buy our energy at high prices from across the border.

By introducing CTL, or the brown coal to liquid technology in Mongolia based on the huge coal stores, we can develop the coal chemistry and, thereby, find a comprehensive solution to the issue.  The CTL-based projects of Mongolyn Alt, Baganuur Energy Corporation, and Tsetsens Mining and Energy are getting ready to begin.  We must note that our national companies have been doing thorough studies on this technology using their own resources for many years regardless of the different policies of the different governments. These projects include many cluster factories that have advanced technology from highly developed countries. Therefore, it requires 2-4 billion dollar investments. It is time for the government to show some support. There are some respectable companies in the world that are interested in investing this much money and supplying the technology.  

The only things that can help develop this sector are our government’s policies and laws that would guarantee a stable legal environment.

Policy makers, professionals in the field, and scientific researchers debated and discussed the possibilities, obstacles, economic benefits, government policies, legal atmosphere, and other related topics for an entire day.  A forum  entitled  “The issues regarding the development of CTL technology in Mongolia” was organized by the Union of Mongolian Chemists, Chemical Engineer Technologists, and the Mongolian Academy of Science with the sponsorship of the Prime Minister of Mongolia.   Deputy Prime Minister M. Huderbaatar presented the Mongolian Prime Minister’s speech speech on his behalf.  

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