MAGNA TYRES’ strength is that it produces its own raw material

23th of 1, 2014
Recent years have seen the Dutch company Magna Tyres expanding heavily in the tyre industry. It is represented in more than 80 countries around the world. Its mobile exhibition boot hat Mining Mongolia 2013 drew large and appreciative crowds, and now its Sales Manager, Peter Schreudering, answers questions on the special features of the technology behind the products being offered on the Mongolian market.  

What are your main products?
In the eight years since our small industrial tyres appeared on the market, we have succeeded in presenting customers with a wide choice in all types of industrial tyres. Our product range includes tyres for all types of vehicles from small load carriers, to cranes, tower cranes, port load transporting machinery, and heavy haulage mining trucks. We also manufacture OTR tyres. Both in quality and price, we are on the same level as longer-known brands such as Liebherr and Terex.

What are the special features of your products?
Our great advantage is that, unlike other manufacturers, we produce our own raw materials. We have been doing this for almost four decades, and have an expertise in ensuring more control over quality and price.  Our prices are lower than our competitors’ and also stable.  

Our tyres need less fuel, so there is less carbon emission.
We have two types of tyres: radial and bias.
Radial tyres do not overheat and they also do not blowout. Thus they can go fast and stay balanced, and are best for high speed on long roads.  

Bias tyres are better for carrying loads for shorter distances and at less speed. They are also less expensive. They are more suited to some special needs in mining.

How do you conduct product research?
We start with learning everything about the mine where our product is likely to be used. This includes extensive soil study, as also information on all the stress and uses our tyres will be subjected to. We also find out about conditions in the loading and unloading ports.

All the  information on the expected level of performance is passed on to our raw materials manufacturing and processing units.  

What warranty do your products carry and what insurance services do you provide?

Our products are manufactured according to ETRTO standards and come with a 5-year warranty.  
If there is any report of tyre malfunction, our representatives go there, take pictures and send these with a report to our head office. There it is investigated whether it was a manufacturing defect. Action is taken accordingly, and we have had no disputes with our warranty system.   Our company pays high insurance premium, and any just claim of injury is settled with appropriate compensation for damage.

The most important thing is to check the tyres every day.

Where do you sell?  
Our tyres are sold in approximately 90 countries. Our clients include large mines in Latin America and Africa and world renowned companies like the Siberian СУЭК and Rio Tinto.

What new products are on the anvil?
We are currently working on 63-inch winter tyres for heavy duty mining machinery.  

What drew you to the Mongolian market?
Mongolia’s mining and economy are developing rapidly and as a result Mongolia has grabbed the attention of businessmen and investors all over the world.  Our company is also searching for bigger opportunities on the Mongolian market.  Our distributor Magna Tyres Mongolia will provide customers here with the highest quality tyres at the most reasonable prices.  

Our prices will be more competitive than those of any other large brand, even those like Michelin and Bridgestone.

When was Magna Tyres Mongolia established and what has business been like?
We have 10 official Magna Tyres distributors worldwide.  The one in Mongolia was established about a year ago. Our first order was from the Baganuur mine for 54 tyres and we have supplied these.

How have your products been received, and which companies do you see as likely customers?
We have made presentations to mines like Oyu Tolgoi, Erdenet, Baganuur, Altain Huder, and Sharyn Gol. We received many serious inquiries during the Mining Mongolia expo. Chinese tyres wear out faster and the better ones presently available are very expensive, so we see a bright future for our tyres.

How will your tyres behave in the extreme weather conditions in Mongolia?
Our pre-manufacture technical studies about any market cover rainfall, temperature, humidity, etc. to help us determine which type of tyres would be most appropriate there.  

Our tyres are performing without problem in places with similar climate such as Siberia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, etc. The tyres meant for Latin America and Africa are made to different specifications.  

Your company comes to Mongolia at a time when both its economy and mining have slowed down.  Is this a problem and how do you see the future?
I always think about it this way: there is always opportunity to board a train that is gaining momentum.  If it’s already going 100km per hour, it’s impossible to board.

If the Mongolian government makes the right decisions and gives opportunity to foreign investors, everything will go well.

I believe that Mongolia will gain by supporting the mining sector help contribute to national economic growth.  

Thank you.

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