”Future Mongolia” also offers many chances for Mongolian companies

5th of 6, 2013
by Hubert Kischel

"Future Mongolia", taking place once again over a period of four days (19th – 22nd June) in the Buyant Ukhaa sports complex, marks the second time that a capital goods trade fair has been organised to European standards in Mongolia. Some 100 participants from all over the world exhibited their products at the previous “Future Mongolia” in May last year. Once again, capital goods and services which can help promote the development of Mongolia into a prosperous and modern industrial and agricultural country will be dispalyed. Capital goods such as machinery, plant and equipment, tools and hardware are needed to build roads and housing, to improve drinking water and waste treatment and to cope with increasing energy needs and the rising demand for durable consumer goods.  

Mongolia requires new, innovative products and technologies to help the country master the enormous challenges it faces both now and increasingly in the future. “Future Mongolia” can be of great help, for practically everything needed for the country’s further development is on offer here. This ranges from machinery for building, materials and mining to products for agriculture, medicinal, environmental and energy technologies as well as components and systems for water treatment and effluent disposal. Sustainability and thus a long-term, responsible approach to resources play a prominent role in all these products. Sustainability implies putting environmental considerations on the same level as social and economic aspects in order to leave an ecologically, socially and economically sound infrastructure for the next generations. “Future Mongolia” can also offer valuable assistance in mastering these tasks.

Investment in the future

However, the trade fair not only serves as a platform for foreign companies to display their products. Above all, it can also provide the opportunity for Mongolian companies to present their manufactured goods and services to a wider public. The rapid pace of development in Mongolia means that this aspect will become increasingly important in the future. Mongolian firms should therefore see their participation in “Future Mongolia” as an investment in the future which will pay off soon, if not immediately, since they also need a platform on which to present their products and services.     

“Future Mongolia” is also an important forum for the exchange of contacts and information, enabling Mongolian firms to meet potential foreign business partners and successfully market their products beyond their own borders. The structure of the exhibiting companies is a particularly positive factor, as many small to medium-sized firms will be represented alongside major concerns such as Siemens, Takraf and ThyssenKrupp. These firms, with only a few hundred employees, are ideal cooperation partners for the mostly mid-sized Mongolian economy and a reciprocal exchange of experiences will benefit both sides. “Future Mongolia” offers the ideal opportunity here, particularly for the more than 40 mainly small to medium-sized companies from Germany. Like the other exhibitors, they have also invested a lot of money in their presence at “Future Mongolia”. Mongolian firms should use the opportunity for dialogue with them, particularly given the commodity agreement made between the two countries. “Future Mongolia” will help vitalize this agreement.   

Making contacts with other companies

There is also the fact that Europe’s largest and most powerful industrial association, the Verband Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbau (VDMA) [German Engineering Federation], is the ideal sponsor for “Future Mongolia”. It supports and promotes the trade fair in all areas. The VDMA has over 3000 member companies employing almost a million people. It is possible to make initial contact with these companies at the joint stand of The Federal Republic of Germany. VDMA representatives will be there to offer advice.

 “Future Mongolia” offers not only Mongolian companies an opportunity for the further development of their country. The trade fair also gives schoolchildren and students an excellent occasion to prepare for their prospective careers. They can find out more about the requirements of their future professional life (including at international level) from the exhibitors there as well as make contact with foreign companies, giving them the ideal qualifications for the start of their careers.  
Not least, trade fairs also help firms to find new, qualified employees, thereby also helping to create jobs for these young people.

Ambitious conference programme

An ambitious conference programme dealing with many of the country’s urgent issues and offering appropriate solutions completes “Future Mongolia”. Subjects include such vital topics as urban development, energy conservation, public health and hygiene and education.

All in all, “Future Mongolia” offers not only the exhibiting companies but Mongolia in general excellent opportunities to prepare for a successful future.

(The author, Hubert Kischel, is responsible for press and public relations for “Future Mongolia”.)

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