7th of 9, 2012
“I believe in Mongolia’s bright future. I found this belief 17 years ago when I first visited Mongolia. The country is enjoying success within a short period of time because the people have always aspired to freedom and justice, and because the people are strong…The United States is making substantially increased investments — diplomatic, economic, strategic and otherwise — in this part of the world. It’s what we call our pivot toward Asia.”

Mrs Hillary Clinton, U.S. Secretary of State.

“It’s 100 per cent clear that Mongolia has made the deal impossible. They (Mongolian government) have done everything in their power to roadblock the deal by the Chinese state company.”

Alex Molyneux, SouthGobi Resources Chief Executive.

“Mongolia’s nervousness about allowing its giant neighbour – and the biggest customer for its rich resources sector – to gain control over significant resource projects is understandable.”
The Business Spectator.

“We have just started to use our mining resources in the last four years, but the coming four years is a tipping point. We have huge discussions on how to use the mining wealth and on how we will collaborate with foreign investors in all sectors.  Some things we can do ourselves, and in some we can cooperate with investors.”

N. Altankhuyag, Prime Minister.

“The newly established government will welcome foreign investment.  We will guarantee them a stable legal environment, and try to fulfil our party agenda.”

Ch.Saikhanbileg, Minister of Government Office.

“Mongolia is in a particularly good place, both geographically and metaphorically. To have one of the world’s largest copper deposits ready to come on line when the hungriest copper consumer in the world is sitting next door is pretty good timing.”

Houston Spencer, spokesman for OyuTolgoi LLC.

“We need a policy to stop all the [mining] licences ending up in Chinese hands. Otherwise we could wake up one morning and find most of our land being controlled by the Chinese. That would not be good. Since we cannot change our borders, we have to find a way to make our location work to our advantage.”

Tsolmon, a former deputy foreign minister.

“It is because we share the longest land border with the fastest-growing big economy in the world that foreign investors are interested in Mongolia.”

Ts.Elbegdorj, President.

“Digging the coal is the easy bit. This game is all about logistics and how to transport the coal to market at the least cost. That puts China in a powerful position.”

Graeme Hancock, chief operating officer of ErdenesTavanTolgoi.

“China benefits from its proximity and availability of cheaper coal from Mongolia. Mongolia will continue to replace Australian coking coal in China.”

Helen Lau,Hong Kong-based analyst.

“Policy does not depend on human will but on reality. We cannot fly away. And there is no point in complaining about where we live. All we can do is to make the best of it.”

S.Luvsandendev, analyst and commentator.

“The importance of this next term cannot be understated. The stakes are a lot higher now, and the actions over the next four years will determine the coming decades. Mongolia is still heavily dependent on foreign investment, but when they run at capacity they will be able to go on their own. The country is on the precipice of financial independence.”

Travis Hamilton, founder of the Khan Mongolia Equities Fund.

“The fact that several resource nationalists won (the election) increases the uncertainty for investors, but the government is still in dire need of investment in infrastructure, power, technology, key areas that the government cannot provide any funding or financing for, so they do need foreign investment.”

Oscar Mendoza, Mongolia manager for Prophecy Coal.

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